International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2006

Volume 16 Number 2

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  Editorial Board and Information for Authors
  Aims and Scope

•  Kaczorek T. - Realization problem for positive multivariable discrete­time linear
systems with delays in the state vector and inputs

•  Boudellioua M.S. - An equivalent matrix pencil for bivariate polynomial matrices

•  Czornik A. and Jurgaś P. - Some properties of the spectral radius of a set of matrices

•  Abdessameud A. and Khelfi M.F. - A variable structure observer for the control

•  Ahmed A. and Brdyś M.A. - Servo tracking of targets at sea

•  Duzinkiewicz K. - Set membership estimation of parameters and variables in dynamic networks by recursive algorithms with a moving measurement window

•  Debbache G., Bennia A. and Goléa N. - Neural network­based MRAC control
of dynamic nonlinear systems

•  Polanska J., Borys D. and Polanski A. - Node assignment problem
in Bayesian networks

•  Guarracino M.R., Perla F. and Zanetti P. - A parallel block Lanczos algorithm
and its implementation for the evaluation of some eigenvalues of large sparse
symmetric matrices on multicomputers

•  Jankowska B.M. - How to secure a high quality knowledge base in a rule­based
system with uncertainty?

•  Berkoune D., Mesghouni K. and Rabenasolo B. - Lower bounds for the scheduling
problem with uncertain demands

•  Porwik P. and Stanković R.S. - Dedicated spectral method of Boolean function