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Całościowa wizja człowieka i świata z punktu widzenia psychosyntezy = The vision of wholeness from the viewpoint of psychosynthesis

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 25


Białek, Ewa

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filozofia nauki ; psychosynteza


Understanding relations between objects, and perceiving the nature of reality in which we live not as material, but spiritual, recognizing certain higher order, understanding the meaning of life, as opposed to chaos, we are prompted, or obliged even, to re-examine the way we think about everything that surrounds us in the categories of balanced development and health. Such a perspective seems to be a necessity now, given the current state of health of the individual, the family, societies and the world, including the pollution of the natural environment ; Owing to combined accomplishments of various contemporary branches of science - medicine, psychology, physics or quantum mechanics, we are now able to perceive the world, as H. Skolimowski put it, as a sanctuary, and to see man, with his forgotten spiritual nature, as a multidimensional being. In doing so, we achieve the balance between science and spiritual traditions. First of all, however, we start to move backwards to the "beginning" - to the philosophy of science. ; This means setting goals and tasks for learning and education of an individual that involve exploring and teaching spiritual aspects of man and the world; in other words, it is the renaissance of spirituality in culture and the world.The article presents how psychosynthesis refers to the comprehensive view of man and theworld and to "the education in different fields that prevents a necessity of therapy".


Zielona Góra: Uniwersytet Zielonogórski ; Poznań: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Polskiego Towarzystwa Pedagogicznego


Pasterniak, Wojciech (1935-2018 ) - red.

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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 25



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