Tytuł: Image processing for old movies by filters with motion detection


Skoneczny, Sławomir

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AMCS, Volume 15 (2005)


Old movies suffer from various types of degradation: severe noise, blurred edges of objects (low contrast), scratches, spots,etc. Finding an efficient denoising method is one of the most important and one of the oldest problems in image sequenceprocessing. The crucial thing in image sequences is motion. If the motion is insignificant, then any motion noncompensatedmethod of filtering can be applied. However, if the noise is significant, then this approach gives most often unsatisfactoryresults. In order to increase the quality of frames, motion compensated filters are usually applied. ; This is a very timeconsuming and awkward approach due to serious limitations of optical flow methods. In this paper, a review of variousfilters with motion detection when applied to the processing of image sequences coming from old movies is presented.These filters are nonlinear and based on the concept of multistage median filtering or mathematical morphology. Somenew filters are proposed. The idea of these new filters presented here is to detect moving areas instead of performingfull estimation of motion in the sequence and to apply exclusively 2D filters in those regions while applying 3D motionnoncompensated filters in static areas, which usually significantly reduces the computational burden.


Zielona Góra: Uniwersytet Zielonogórski


Korbicz, Józef - red. ; Uciński, Dariusz - red.




AMCS, Volume 15, Number 4 (2005)



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