International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2008

Volume 18 Number 1

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  Aims and Scope

•  Davies E.R. - A generalised approach to the use of sampling for rapid object location.

•  Schauland S., Velten J. and Kummert A. - Detection of moving objects in image sequences using 3D velocity filters.

•  Wejrzanowski T., Spychalski W.L., Rozniatowski K. and Kurzydlowski K.J.- Image based analysis of complex microstructures of engineering materials.

•  Skubalska-Rafajlowicz E.- Local correlation and entropy maps as tools for detecting defects in industrial images.

•  Rafajlowicz E., Pawlak M. and Steland A. - Nonlinear image processing and filtering: a unified approach vased on vertically weighted regression.

Li Y., Kummert A., Boschen F. and Herzog H. - Interpolation-based reconstruction methods for tomographic imaging in 3D positron emission tomography.

•  Jelen L., Fevens T. and Krzyzak A. - Classification of breast cancer malignancy using cytological images of fine needle aspiration biopsies.

•   Smereka M. and Duleba I. - Circular object detection using modified Hough transform.

•  Xin Y. and Pawlak M. - M-ary Phase Modulation for Digital Watermarking.

•  Wnuk M. - Remarks on hardware implementation of image processing algorithms.