International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2008

Volume 18 Number 2

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  Aims and Scope

•  Ponulak F. - Analysis of the ReSuMe learning process for spiking neural network

•  Uysal I., Sathyendra H. and Harris J.G. - Towards spike-based speech processing: A biologically plausible approach to simple acoustic classification

•  Œmieja J.- Model based analysis of signaling pathways

•  Cierniak R.- A new approach to image reconstruction from projections using a recurrent neural network

•  Hrebieñ M., Steæ P., Nieczkowski T. and Obuchowicz A.- Segmentation of breast cancer fine needle biopsy cytological images

•  Qaraai Y., Bernoussi A.S. and El Jai A. - How to compensate a spreading disturbance for a class of nonlinear systems

•  Kowalewski A. and Krakowiak A. - Time-optimal boundry control of an infinite order parabolic system with time lags

•  Respondek J.S. - Approximate controllability of infinite dimensional systems of the n-th order

•   Guermah S., Djennoune S. and Bettayeb M. - Contollability and observability of linear discrete-time fractional-order systems

•  Kaczorek T. - Fractional positive continuous-time linear systems and their rechability

•  Khadir M.T. and Ringwood J.V. - Extension of rirst order predictive functional controllers to handle higher order internal models

•  Kukluk J.P., Holder L.B. and Cook D.J.- Inferring graph grammars by detecting overlap in frequent subgraphs

•  Kuriata E.- Creation of unequal error protection codes for two groups of symbols