International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2008

Volume 18 Number 4

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Tharrault Y., Mourot G., Ragot J. and Maquin D. Fault detection and isolation with robust principal component analysis
Patan K., Witczak M. and Korbicz J. Towards robustness in neural network based fault diagnosis
Skubalska-Rafajłowicz E. Random projection RBF nets for multidimensional density estimation
Ligęza A. and Kościelny J. M. A new approach to multiple fault diagnosis: A combination of diagnostic matrices, graphs, algebraic and rule-based models The case of two-layer models
Cholewa W. Mechanical analogy of statement networks
Poulsen N.K. and Niemann H. Active fault diagnosis based on stochastic tests
Yassine A.A., Ploix S. and Flaus J.-M. A method for sensor placement taking into account diagnosability criteria
Patan M. and Uciński D. Configuring a sensor network for fault detection in distributed parameter systems


Aubrun C., Sauter D. and Yamé J. Fault diagnosis of networked control systems
Marusak P.M. and Tatjewski P. Actuator fault tolerance in control systems with predictive constrained set-point optimizers
Theilliol D., Join C. and Zhang Y. Actuator fault tolerant control design based on a reconfigurable reference input
Kowalczuk Z. and Oliński K.E. Suboptimal fault tolerant control design with the use of discrete optimization


Cempel C. Decomposition of the symptom observation matrix and grey forecasting in vibration condition monitoring of machines
Rafajłowicz E., Wnuk M. and Rafajłowicz W. Local detection of defects from image sequences
Laursen M., Blanke M. and Düştegör D. Fault diagnosis of a water for injection system using enhanced structural isolation