International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2009
Volume 19 Number 3

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G.-Tóth B. and Kreinovich V.
Verified methods for computing Pareto sets: General algorithmic analysis
- 369

Rauh A., Brill M. and Günther C.
A novel interval arithmetic approach for solving differential-algebraic equations with VALENCIA-IVP - 381

Merlet J.-P.
Interval analysis for certified numerical solution of problems in robotics - 399

Pepy R., Kieffer M. and Walter E.
Reliable robust path planning with application to mobile robots - 413

Rauh A., Minisini J. and Hofer E.P.
Verification techniques for sensitivity analysis and design of controllers
for nonlinear dynamic systems with uncertainties
- 425

Dimitrova N. and Krastanov M.
Nonlinear stabilizing control of an uncertain bioprocess model
- 441

Auer E. and Luther W.
Uses of new sensitivity and DAE solving methods in SMARTMOBILE for verified
analysis of mechanical systems
- 455

Tändl M., Stark T., Erol N.E., Löer F. and Kecskeméthy A.
An object-oriented approach to simulating human
gait motion based on motion tracking
- 469

Freihold M. and Hofer E.P.
Derivation of physically motivated constraints for efficient interval simulations
applied to the analysis of uncertain dynamical systems
- 485

Enszer J.A. and Stadtherr M.A.
Verified solution method for population epidemiology models with uncertainty
- 501