International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2009
Volume 19 Number 4

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Special section

Tchoń K., Karpińska J. and Janiak M.
Approximation of Jacobian inverse kinematics algorithms - 519

Michałek M. and Kozłowski K.
Motion planning and feedback control for a unicycle in a way point following task: The VFO approach - 533

Michałek M., Dutkiewicz P., Kiełczewski M. and Pazderski D.
Trajectory tracking for a mobile robot with skid-slip compensation in the vector-field-orientation control system - 547

Mazur A. and Szakiel D.
On path following control of nonholonomic mobile manipulators - 561

Skrzypczyński P.
Simultaneous localization and mapping: A feature-based probabilistic approach - 575

Regular section

Sakthivel R.
Controllability of nonlinear impulsive Ito type stochastic systems - 589

Kowalewski A.
Time-optimal control of infinite order hyperbolic systems with time delays - 597

Tokarzewski J.
Zeros in linear systems with time delay in state - 609

Qi R. and BrdysM.A.
Indirect adaptive controller based on a self-structuring fuzzy system for nonlinearmodeling and control - 619

Dong R., Tan Q. and Tan Y.
Recursive identification algorithm for dynamic systems with output backlash and its convergence - 631

Zhai G., Okuno S., Imae J. and Kobayashi T.
A matrix inequality based design method for consensus problems in multi-agent systems - 639

Czerwiński R. and Kania D.
Synthesis of finite state machines for CPLDs - 647

Kłosiński R.
The steady-state impedance operator of a linear periodically time-varying oneport network and its determination - 661

Błażewicz J., Formanowicz P. and Wojciechowski P.
Some remarks on evaluating the quality of the multiple sequence alignment based on the BAliBASE benchmark - 675

Gocławski J., Sekulska-Nalewajko J., Gajewska E. and WielanekM.
An automatic segmentation method for scanned images of wheat root systems with dark discolourations - 679