International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2007

Volume 17 Number 1

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  Aims and Scope

•  Klamka J. - Stochastic controllability of linear systems with state delays.

•  Boudellioua M.S. - Equivalence and reduction of delay­differential systems.

•  Kaczorek T. - Computation of realizations composed of dynamic and static parts of improper transfer matrices.

•  Rodrigues M., Theilliol D., Aberkane S. and Sauter D. - Fault tolerant control design for polytopic LPV systems.

•  Abdelmalek I., Goléa N. and Hadjili M.L. - A new fuzzy Lyapunov approach to non­quadratic stabilization of Takagi­Sugeno fuzzy models.

 Kamola M. - Hybrid approach to design optimisation: Preserve accuracy, reduce dimensionality.

•  Witkowska A., Tomera M. and Smierzchalski R. - A backstepping approach to ship course control.

•  Praczyk T. - Application of bearing and distance trees to the identification of landmarks on the coast.

•  Sikora A. and Niewiadomska­Szynkiewicz E. - A federated approach to parallel and distributed simulation of complex systems.

•  Pearson D.W. - Data probes, vertical trajectories and classification: A tentative study.

•  Gosti W., Villa T., Saldanha A. and Sangiovanni­Vincentelli A.L. - FSM encoding for BDD representations.

Nikiel S. - A proposition of mobile fractal image decompression .