International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2007

Volume 17 Number 2

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  Aims and Scope

•  Avdonin S., Bulanova A. and Moran W. - Construction of sampling and interpolating sequences for multi-band signals. The two-band case.

•  Krawczyk-Stańdo D. and Rudnicki M. - Regularization parameter selection in discrete ill-posed problems --- The use of the U-curve.

•  Kaczorek T. - Positive partial realization problem for linear discrete-time systems.

•  Czornik A. and Jurgaś P. - Falseness of the finiteness property of the spectral subradius.

•  Hu S., Meinke K., Chen R. and Huajiang O. - Iterative estimators of parameters in linear models with partially variant coefficients.

Mzyk G. - Generalized kernel regression estimate for the identification of Hammerstein systems.

•  Łangowski R. and Brdys M.A. - Monitoring of chlorine concentration in drinking water distribution systems using an interval estimator.

•   Ławryńczuk M. - A family of model predictive control algorithms with artificial neural networks.

•  Boukezzoula R., Galichet S. and Foulloy L. - Fuzzy feedback linearizing controller and its equivalence with the fuzzy nonlinear internal model control structure.

•  Mann Z.Á., Orbán A. and Farkas V. - Evaluating the Kernighan-Lin heuristic for hardware/software partitioning.

•  Tarapata Z. - Selected multicriteria shortest path problems: An analysis of complexity, models and adaptation of standard algorithms.