International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2007

Volume 17 Number 3

Special Issue:
Scientific Computation for Fluid Mechanics and Hyperbolic Systems


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  Editorial Board and Information for Authors
  Aims and Scope

•  Dumbser M. and Munz C.-D. - On source terms and boundary conditions using arbitrary high order discontinuous Galerkin schemes.

•  Audusse E. and Bristeau M.-O. - Finite-volume solvers for a multilayer Saint-Venant system.

•  Després B. B. and Lagoutiére F. - Genuinely multi-dimensional non-dissipative finite-volume schemes for transport.

•  Mehrenberger M. and Violard E. - A Hermite-type adaptive semi-Lagrangian scheme.

•  Crouseilles N., Latu G. and Sonnendrücker E.- Hermite spline interpolation on patches for parallelly solving the Vlasov-Poisson equation.

Campos Pinto M. - A direct and accurate adaptive semi-Lagrangian scheme for the Vlasov-Poisson equation.

•  Besse N., Mauser N.J. and Sonnendrücker E. - Numerical approximation of self-consistent Vlasov models for low-frequency electromagnetic phenomena.

•   Jund S. and Salmon S. - Arbitrary high-order finite element schemes and high-order mass lumping.

•  Gander M.J., Halpern L., Magoulès F. and Roux F.X. - Analysis of patch substructuring methods.

•  Abgrall R. and Perrier V. - On the numerical approximation of first-order Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

•  Fulmański P., Laurain A., Scheid J.-F. and Sokołowski J. - A level set method in shape and topology optimization for variational inequalities.