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Kuczer, Jarosław


Skobelski, Robert - red.


Cudzoziemska arystokracja w "prowincji przygranicznej". Problem udziału imigrantów w pracach administracji śląskiej (1629-1740) = The foreign aristocracy in the borderland province. The problem of immigrant participation in the workings of Silesian administration (1629-1740) - a research reconnaissance

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Studia Zachodnie, 15


The migrations after 1629 were often ? though not always - connected with being granted by the emperor estates and titles in the province of Silesia. Eminent generals were allowed to purchase whole estates consisting of up to several dozens of villages from the hands of the poor nobility or to take them over by marrying local noblewomen. In most examined cases, these actions were the result of the activity, or even creativity, of the noblemen themselves and not the emperor. ; This stems from the analysis of the formula of the applications regarding the titular elevations. The involvement of the ?non-Silesians? became stronger at the end of the Habsburg period and their names appear during that time almost as often as the names of the old Silesian families. There naturally arises a question: who can actually be classified as a ?foreigner? on these lands? ; Without getting into unnecessary analyses, for the purposes of this work I will assume that it can be any aristocrat that came to Silesia after 1929. It is, of course not a precise measurement, but it coincides with the administrational changes in Silesia and with the - quite fluid - moment of the intensification of migration and their support by the official policy of the emperor. ; The migrations of the great families took place also earlier (barons von Sprintzenstein - 1614/1616), but they were often not lasting and their particularity was not sufficient to confirm this process on a wider scale, like the one that took place in the 16th century. Now, the migration was also connected with the policy of granting estates and titles in Silesia to catholics, as well as supporting them with the office nominations (Briefadel) and creating the Austrian version of ancien régime and nobles de robe.


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Studia Zachodnie, tom 15




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