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Županič, Jan


Dolański, Dariusz (1966 - ) - red.


Wurttemberkové v Olešnici = The Württemberg dynasty in Olesznica

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Studia Zachodnie, 13

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Württemberg ; dynastia wirtemberska ; Olesznica (Czechy)


The last member of the Poděbrady dynasty in Silesia was the Duke Charles II. Frederick (1593-1647). His daughter from his first marriage with Duchesse Anna Sophia von Sachsen-Altenburg (1598-1641). Elisabeth-Maria (1625-1686) became heiress of the country. Charles II. Frederick married Elisabeth-Maria with the Duke Silvius Nimrod of Württemberg (1622-1664), and in his will appointed him the heir of the Duchy of Oels (Olesznica). The children of Elisabeth-Mary and Silvius Nimrod were titled Dukes of Württemberg-Oels and possessed the Duchy of Oels as well as Moravian houses and lands of the Poděbrady dynasty. ; ln the generations to follow, the family of the Dukes of Oels was one of the leading mainstays of Protestantism in Silesia in spite of the fact that after the publication of the order of succession of Elisabeth-Maria in 1673 this rather small territory used to be divided among individual descents of the dynasty. ; However as of the 18th century. the Dukes of Oels had to cope with several major problems - financial problems and a gradual extinction of the dynasty. Another danger to the family tradition was the conversion of a family member, the Duke Christian Ulrich, to Catholicism. ; After the annexation of Silesia to Prussia the Duchy of Oels was governed by Frederick II the Great. The reforms instituted in the middle of the 18th century by the Prussian king signified a degradation of Silesian dukes to mere aristocratic landowners with titular rights but without any important real privileges. The Ia st of the Wi'Jrttemberg-Oels dynasty was the Duke Charles Christian Erdmann. After his death Olesznica was inherited by the Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel family and later by the Brunswick-Lünenburg family. After the death of the last of the dukes in 1884 Olesznica was enfeoffed to the governing dynasty of the Hohenzollern and became possession of Prussian Crown Prince William.


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Studia Zachodnie, tom 13




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