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Search for: [Abstract = "Yet, these are multidimensional issues whose potential should be considered both, from the perspective of enterprises that create and\/or adapt such technologies in their production, logistics or sale processes as well as in consumer perspective taking into account a degree of awareness, interest and fascination of potential buyers, users with such devices and solutions. This is determined by dualism of approach to digital technologies \(economic approach vs. humanistic approach\) and evaluation of their potential benefits and threats."]

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Management, vol. 22 (2018)

Kaczorowska-Spychalska, Dominika Moczulska, Marta - red. Preston, Peter- red. jęz. Stankiewicz, Janina - red. nacz. Zmyślony, Roman - red. statyst. Adamczyk, Janusz- red. Skalik, Jan - red.


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