Title: Fuzzy and neural control of an induction motor


Korbicz, Józef - red. ; Uciński, Dariusz - red.

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AMCS, volume 12 (2002)


This paper presents some design approaches to hybrid control systems combining conventional control techniques with fuzzy logic and neural networks. Such a mixed implementation leads to a more effective control design with improved system performance and robustness. ; While conventional control allows different design objectives such as steady state and transient characteristics of the closed loop system to be specified, fuzzy logic and neural networks are integrated to overcome the problems with uncertainties in the plant parameters and structure encountered in the classical model-based design. ; Induction motors are characterised by complex, highly non-linear and time-varying dynamics and inaccessibility of some states and outputs for measurements, and hence can be considered as a challenging engineering problem. ; The advent of vector control techniques has partially solved induction motor control problems, because they are sensitive to drive parameter variations and performance may deteriorate if conventional controllers are used. Fuzzy logic and neural network-based controllers are considered as potential candidates for such an application. ; Three control approaches are developed and applied to adjust the speed of the drive system. The first control design combines the variable structure theory with the fuzzy logic concept. In the second approach neural networks are used in an internal model control structure. ; Finally, a fuzzy state feedback controller is developed based on the pole placement technique. A simulation study of these methods is presented. The effectiveness of these controllers is demonstrated for different operating conditions of the drive system.


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AMCS, volume 12, number 2 (2002) ; click here to follow the link




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Fuzzy and neural control of an induction motor Sep 1, 2021



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