Title: Dydaktyczne cele i założenia badań nad odbiorem liryki w szkole = Didactic Objectives and Assumpted Researches on the Comprehension of Lyrics in School


Uryga, Zenon



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Roenig, Jan - tł.

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 2


The linear scheme of a communication sequel (transmitter - literary mark - recipient) is not quite sufficient to explain the specific facts of comprehension of literature in school. The interpretation of the literary mark is decided - here, as in every other case - by the scope of community between the transmitter and the recipient in the field of experience. This scope is changeable and depends on the character of interaction in the field of didactic intervention. Researches on comprehension of lyrics in school allow in practice the elimination of observing the transrnitter, but compel to focus on three elements of the communication sequel: a) characteristics of the mark, b) perceptional functions and the recipient's, attitude, c) the field of didactic intervention. ; The turn in literary research towards the analysis of communicational aspects in shaping the literary form is favorable to literary didactics and makes things easier for the individuating of guides to empirical research. There are two levels of difficulties of lyric texts for recipients. On the first level the difficulty is seen in the increasing complication of the text (dissove its consistence, eliminate binding and explaining elements, move the dominant towards the metaphorical and figuratively member). ; Empiirkal recognition of the size and character of difficulties in comprehension on different levels of teaching is a prerequisite for eliminating intuitional criteria in the choice of material for curricula and text-books and is as well a base far optimalization of methods of reading and of comments of school texts. On the second level the unintelligibility of the text is seen as an inseparable part of the action of comprehension of poetry and as an active aesthetical category stimulating the contraction of relations to poetry. ; From the recipientis point of view the problems of perception of lyrics can be solved in a psychological or sociological aspect. A need becomes visible to correct the already known regularities of reading perception with reference to an elliptical, multivocal and creatihe lyrical pronouncement. Also the established to date findings about the evolution of comprehension of metaphorical and symbolical contents need a verification of the poetic material the problem of mutual relations between the personal evolution of young people und their discovery of poetry calls for an entire new shaping too. ; The evolution of aesthetic interaction is in need of special observation, which begins with the psychological desire of the pupil for poetry (ethical reflexion, world outlook, philosophy and so on) and may lead to an interest in the work's rurtistic form. It is also worth while to explore the connections between the desire for poetry and children's poetic creations. The research problems connected with the analysis of concretization and the course of poetry comprehension as well as the whole process of poetic knowledge are typical interdisciplinary tasks. Their bringing up, stratification of range, scheming, connecting and practical exploitation belong to literary didactics which must take care of the concentration of a great many differential rollectives of scientists around these tasks. ; It is only that way that the science of correct comprehension of lyrics stands before the chance of texperimental didactic researches, where an analysis of concretization could serve for measuring the effectiviness of given changeable in its scope methods, of teaching technics, didactic means, the personality of teachers and the kind of work organization.


Zielona Góra: Lubuskie Towarzystwo Naukowe ; Zielona Góra: Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna



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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 2




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